How to Create a Successful Indoor Signage Design

Indoor signs, indoor billboards, and other advertising signage are utilized in almost all industries and businesses, around the world. Whether you own a business, industrial complex, office space, or public-facing facility, you still require some kind of indoor signage, whether you don’t have such commercial facilities already. Indoor signs come in many different types, sizes, styles, designs, and functions, that’s why it’s important to get the right indoor signs for your business.

You need to have clear, concise, and functional indoor signs so you can easily tell your customers what your business goals are and why they should purchase your products or services. In order to get the most out of your indoor signs and to make sure they are as effective and as well-built as possible, there are certain strategies that you can implement that will help you achieve this end. Here are some of these strategies:

Strengthen your branding. It is very important to have strong and consistent branding. The visual branding of indoor signs helps you build customer loyalty and trust. This is because such signage elements, especially the letterhead, the logo, and the slogan, help people form a long-term visual impression of your brand and your company. For example, if your business is dealing with the leisure market, having a good logo design and a catchy slogan can help your customers remember your brand whenever they see it.

Reinforce your interior signage. As mentioned earlier, there are two major kinds of indoor signs: exterior signs and interior signs. Exterior signs include the signage which adorn your building’s exterior, such as billboards and outdoor banners, while interior signage refers to those interior signs which are integrated into the furniture, equipment, and cabinets in your building. For effective interior signage, it is important to use appropriate color combinations. You need to create a harmonious and balanced interior design scheme.

Create easy to navigate indoor signs. There are three basic ways to create easy to navigate indoor signs. You could use directional assistance, text, or graphics to indicate the direction of where something should be headed. More importantly, you could combine text and graphics to create an interior signage scheme which makes navigation easy and intuitive for users. The easier it is for users to navigate, the more likely they are to read your label and take advantage of your product or service.

Visualize your goals. No matter what type of signage you intend to purchase or install, it is always important to have a clear vision of your goals before embarking on the project. Take a trip to the local bookstore or browse through magazines which feature interior signage design, as this will give you an in-depth idea of what your needs should be. From the goals you desire, draw up a list of possible solutions to achieve these goals. Consider the physical location, population size, current, and future business goals, as well as any legal requirements that might impact your project. Visit for more info on indoor signs and graphics.